Cusco: Plaza de Armas and the cathedral on the main square
Founded by former missionary to Peru, Fran Schmidt, Pilgrims on Purpose is designed for participants who want something more, who want to delve deeper into local culture and reality, receive local hospitality, and reflect on issues of life and faith.
Pilgrims on Purpose provides all of this and more. We care for all of the details of the tour, and we care for you. Ours is a holistic approach as we tend to your spiritual and physical well-being along the way.
Fran loves working with people and is passionate about travel. And she loves those conversations about faith and life. She founded Pilgrims on Purpose to combine all of her loves and to take others on the kinds of adventures that have been so meaningful to her. She says, “as we travel and explore new places, we often find ourselves on a parallel journey that can take us deeper into ourselves as we begin to reflect on our own lives and realities, challenges, values and beliefs. I wanted a way to offer this to other people. I am convinced that I am not the only one who wants to travel this way!”
Pilgrims on Purpose takes you on this other journey, as there is time to intentionally reflect on issues of life and faith through guided meditation, prayer, journal writing, in group and personal time throughout the tour.
Be a pilgrim traveler. Like, follow and share our story on Facebook…ask for more information or sign up to be on our mailing list and find out about our next adventure!


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