Amazing adventures


Our tour group to Peru this past February! Amazing how we don’t even look tired. Travels took us to Lima…Cusco…Machu Picchu and up to the Amazon basin and the city of Iquitos.


Memorable parts of the trip were meeting local people, working alongside one another, seeing the work of NGOs and micro industry, touring Machu Picchu!, communicating without words, eating some exotic foods, and certainly meeting the paiche (fish), crocodiles, anaconda, monkeys, piranhas, butterflies and parrots was a treat!

I invite your stories and memories from this trip…..please comment and share (only the parts you want to make public, mind you).

Your ever-grateful 3rd timer to Machu Picchu,


Peruvian pilgrims leave this week!

After several prep meetings, which included group building exercises, learning more about the place we will visit, discovering something of our own history in the Doctrine of Discovery, going over packing lists and health and safety precautions…we’re almost there!

Pilgrims will leave early Thursday to explore Peru…its people, culture, history, architecture, and discover its realities and challenges while meeting those working in micro-industry and NGOs to support livelihoods and advocate for human rights, a healthy environment and right to health care and education….Buckle up, we’re in for a great adventure!

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Deadline ahead: Mission Exposure Trip – Peru 2016


Thanks to everyone who attended both inquiry meetings, Oct. 20th in Estevan and Oct. 27th in Saskatoon. It looks like there is lots of interest in the upcoming trip to Peru in February 2016.

The Deadline to register and pay the deposit is October 15th. Please send a message if  you need more information or to register.

I’ll post the itinerary in the coming days….

Let me help your group plan a Mission Exposure Trip

Would you like to build a deeper connection within your youth group or congregation? Would you like to learn something about another culture, another country? Or wanted to make a lasting difference in someone’s life? Have you wondered what people believe about God, what their faith looks like and how it is lived out? If any of these sound interesting to you, I can HELP you and your group!

Founder of Pilgrim’s on Purpose, Fran Schmidt has traveled to India, El Salvador, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, along with several European countries. Fluent in Spanish, she specializes in Central and South America. A Lutheran Pastor, she accompanies and guides faith-based groups/congregations offering opportunities for reflection and debrief as we make sense of issues we encounter as we travel.

Each trip is tailored to your group.

Missional travel (even if you are not a church group) goes deeper into the context/culture in which we travel. You can meet local people, help with a service project, and grow in your own sense of global awareness.

Send a message to talk about your trip today!